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The Segal Centre’s Endowment Fund allows donors to support the making of great art not only for this season and next, but for decades to come. If you are interested in sustaining our Centre long-term, we welcome you to consider donating to our Endowment Fund.

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Non-profit cultural institutions cannot grow in the long run if they depend only on ticket revenue and annual donations.

Our endowment fund provides us with:
  • reliable revenue that we can count on in years with ticket sales or donations fluctuate;
  • the financial stability to plan long-term without concern for years when other revenue may decrease.

  • Endowed donations are permanently invested with our accountants, and a portion of the annual interest income is made available to support our operations and programs. A portion of the interest is also returned to the fund for growth purposes to protect us against inflation and fluctuations in the market. Our funds our protected, ensuring us consistent, steady, reliable revenue stream for years to come.

    Donating to this fund allows you to create a permanent legacy at a Centre in whose objectives you believe in, and, hopefully, in a place that has provided you with insight, inspiration, growth, and fulfillment.

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