Legacy & Planned giving

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Planned & Legacy giving allows you to make the greatest contribution possible to our Centre. Your planned gift provides training for tomorrow’s artists, artistic enlightenment for the next generation of audiences, and ensures that the future years of our society are framed by truly great art.

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A planned gift can include establishing a life insurance policy or trust, making the Centre the beneficiary of your retirement savings plan, or including the Centre in your will. Legacy gifts can be made to the Segal Centre for Performing Arts or to our Endowment Fund.

The most flexible way of making a planned gift is to create a bequest through your will. Your estate could be:

  • a percentage of your estate or a fixed sum of cash, securities, or property
  • a residual bequest whereby the Centre receives all or a portion of the remainder of your estate after all debts, taxes, and other bequests have been dispensed
  • a contingent bequest that provides first for family or friends, and comes into effect only when the primary beneficiaries have predeceased you

  • A bequest may be recognized in your name or in honor or memory of another person. If you already have a will and would like to add a bequest for the benefit of the Segal Centre, a codicil or amendment (consisting of a sentence or paragraph) is a great way to do so. There are also opportunities to make the Centre the beneficiary of your insurance policy or charitable remainder trust.

    To make a bequest to benefit the Centre, please speak with your lawyer about drafting your will. The Centre’s Development team would be pleased to assist you or your lawyer in formulating a plan that works best for you.

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