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META Awards
Outstanding Set Design - Eo Sharp, RED
Outstanding Production - Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Direction - Andrew Shaver, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Costume Design - James Lavoie, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Lighting Design - Luc Prairie, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Sound Design - Jesse Ash, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Supporting Performance - Julie Tamiko Manning, Othello
Outstanding Supporting Performance - Daniel Brochu, Othello
Outstanding Direction - Micheline Chevrier, Top Girls
Outstanding Lead Performance - Leni Parker, Top Girls
Outstanding Set Design - Max-Otto Fauteux, Top Girls
Outstanding Costume Design - Mylène Chabrol, Top Girls
Outstanding Lighting Design - Martin Sirois, Top Girls
Outstanding Emerging Artist - Aiza Ntibarikure, Ain’t Misbehavin’
Outstanding Original Composition - Matthew Barber and Justin Rutledge, The Graduate
Outstanding Lighting Design - Kimberly Purtell, We Are Not Alone (Crow’s Theatre)
Outstanding PACT Production, Travesties
Outstanding Set Design - Pierre-Étienne Locas, Travesties
Outstanding Costume Design - Louise Bourret, Travesties
Outstanding Set Design - Michael Gianfrancesco, Funny Girl
Outstanding Costume Design - Michael Gianfrancesco, Funny Girl
Outstanding Community Production, The Producers

Capital Critics Circle Award (Ottawa)
Best Professional Play (2016), Belles Soeurs: The Musical

Masques Awards
Best English Language Production - I Am My Own Wife
Best English Production - The Glass Menagerie
Best English Production - Salt Water Moon
Best English Production - Betrayal
Best Actress(es) - Viola Léger and Linda Sorgini in Grace and Glorie
Lifetime Achievement Award to Dora Wasserman

AQCT French Critics
Best English Language Production - Amadeus

MECCA Awards
Outstanding Costume Design - James Lavoie, Lies My Father Told Me
Outstanding Direction - Greg Kramer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Best Sound Design, Rob Denton, The Satchmo’ Suite
Set Design, Yannik Larivée, I Am My Own Wife/Amadeus
Best Actor, Brett Christopher, I Am My Own Wife
Best Director, Alexandre Marine, Amadeus
Best Professional Production, The Importance of Being Earnest
Best Director, Perter Hinton, A Doll House
Best Lighting, Spike Lyne, My Old Lady
Best Set Design, Peter Hartwell, The Importance of Being Earnest
Best Actor - Martha Henry in Rose
Best Professional Production - Hedda Gabler
Best Actor - Don Anderson in De Profundis (Gravy Bath)
Best Semi Pro\Amateur - Kali Yuga (Gravy Bath)
Best Actor - Gareth Armstrong in Shylock
Best Actress - Michelle Monteith in The Glass Menagerie
Best Director - Madd Harold for Shakespeare's Coriolanus (Gravy Bath)
Best Semi Pro\Amateur - Shakespeare's Coriolanus (Gravy Bath)
Best Ensemble - Theatre Smith-Gilmour for Chekhov's Shorts
Best Actor - Pierre Brault in Blood on the Moon
Best Professional Production - Salt Water Moon
Best Actress - Uta Hagen in Collected Stories
Best Semi-professional Production - The Threepenny Opera (Yiddish Theatre)
Best Production - After the Dance
Award of Distinction to Bryna Wasserman
Best New Ensemble to Montreal Young Company
Best Semi-Professional Production - The Great Houdini (Yiddish Theatre)

The MECCAs are awarded by the Montreal English Critics Circle
The Masques are awarded by l’Académie Québecoise du Théâtre


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